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Max Care Home Technical solutions L.L.C  is a Dubai based company. We specialize in  repair, maintenance, supply and installation across Dubai With a team of technicians on the road and with extensive experience , our preventative maintenance service is available on all makes and models of air-conditioning. This helps to prevent the possibility of breakdown when you need it most and offering improved health benefits. If you are looking for a small split air conditioning system for one room in your home, a ducted air conditioning system for the whole house or a solution for your commercial workplace. Max Care Home Technical solutions L.L.C    can provide you with the professional advice you are looking for.

At    Max Care Home Technical solutions L.L.C , our aim is to bring our clients the best when it comes to air conditioning. We are thoroughly attuned to our customers’ needs, and offer our services to all manner of clients. Whether you need an air conditioner for your home or small business, or a large business seeking the comfort of air conditioning, we have the knowledge and experience across a range of brands to tackle all manner of air conditioning solutions. From Daikin, LG, Mitsubishi to all brand air conditioners, look no further than Max Care Home Technical solutions L.L.C  for your air con installation needs.

Max Care Home Technical solutions L.L.C  Servicing Fast, efficient fault finding

Our fault finding and repair skills draw on our experience and familiarity with the equipment being tested. Max Care Home Technical solutions L.L.C  technicians are all fully qualified and experienced enough to take a systematic and professional approach to fault assessment.

A quick return to normal operation with the minimum of fuss

Identifying the root cause involves our repair technicians drawing on their experience to be able to draw conclusions about the likely problem from temperature readings, pressure levels and other telling factors. It also removes the need for a ‘hit or miss’ approach or misdiagnosis of the root cause.

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